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MediInspect is a technological company which is specilized in developing and operating web information systems designed for providing personal medicine, telecare and assistance services.

The objective of MediInspect is to offer high–tech and reliable solutions to its customers allowing them to effectively provide services to end users.

Clients of MediInspect are healthcare providers, assistance services providers and end users. MediInspect provides information systems and complex solutions especially in the form of software–as–a–service to the clients.

MediInspect utilizes advanced information technologies and methods for its solutions. MediInspect integrates high–tech devices (communication devices and sensors for measuring physiological signals and parameters) of closely cooperating suppliers.

MediInspect is cooperating with science as well as industrial and commercial partners.

"InspectLife" project

MediInspect is implementing specialized web information system „InspectLife“ intended for providing personal medicine, telecare and assistance services with main components:

  • Surveillance of elderly people, children and chronic patients.
  • Ambulatory monitoring of physiological signals and parameters (glycemia, ECG, blood pressure and others) including advanced data processing and analysis.
  • Communication between all participants involved in the process of surveillance of clients and treatment of chronic patients.

You will find more information about InspectLife services at following web presentations:

DANDEC Project

The Danubian Network for Dementia Education and Care (DANDEC) is an initiative to improve the care of people with dementia in the Danube region. The Consortium comprises academic partners, enterprises, and patient organisations from 10 Danube countries. It has proceeded in two phases (2013-2014; 2016-2017) and has been funded by the German Ministry of Education and Research.

DANDEC’s intervention concept is technology based. It has three components: an online information and support program for non-specialists care professionals, a telemedicine platform for knowledge transfer between an interdisciplinary panel of specialists and healthcare professionals in primary care, and the promotion of assistive technology devices and systems for people with dementia as well as informal and formal carers.

Dementia is increasingly becoming a key societal and demographic challenge, some aspects of which DANDEC’s intervention is designed to target. To prepare for the implementation of the intervention in different countries, DANDEC intends to collaborate with local health and social policy authorities, public administrative bodies, and professional education boards across the Danube Region. The consortium will test this intervention through a pilot study at selected sites to assess its impact and benefits before it is offered across the Danube region as a whole.

DANDEC Partner Countries

Czech Republic



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